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Creative Plants specializes in providing plant material that has been custom acclimated for specific environments here in Arizona.  Our interior foliage is held in heavily shaded greenhouses.  This helps to prepare our plants for indoor applications.  Our 10,000 square foot shade area has been designed with varying levels of light transmission to acclimate our plants for indoor use in high light or outdoor use in sheltered areas.  We also inventory a selection of unusual

 plants for full sun applications.  We maintain an extensive inventory and if we don't have what you want, we can usually find it.  All our plant material is guaranteed to be of the highest available quality and free of pests and disease.










Creative Plants carries a large selection of florist and interiorscape quality foliage from 4 " pot size to 45 gallon specimens.  Anthurium Fruffles...Aglaonema Elite Series...Beaucarnea Inermis...Dracaena Arborea...Ficus Amstel King...Neodypsis...Sansvierea Black Gold...and the ever elusive ZZ's are just a few of the items we inventory.  (Click on the photo to view some of the items we supply.)







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Blooming Plants


We inventory a large selection of florist quality blooming plants from 2" pot size to 10" specialty blooming plants.  From Azaleas to Zygo Cactus our inventory changes frequently as we try to keep our availability fresh.  Our selection changes seasonally and it is always a good idea to call for updates.  (Click on the photo to view some of the items we supply.)







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Cacti And Succulents


We also carry a very large selection of cacti and succulents.  Many of these items are grown here at our nursery.  Our production of specimen Euphorbia Ingens has been increasing over the past few years and we are proud to offer you these Arizona grown items.  Another of our specialty cacti is the Blue Spiral Cereus.  (Click on the photo to view some of the items we supply.)





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